Eleven (11) dry-type transformers (SOLD)

Auction ID 5881
Status Closed
Type Standard (PQT)
Started 9/28/2016 9:01 AM EST
Ended 10/12/2016 1:00 PM EST
Quantity 0
Minimum Bid Increment $10.00
Manufacturer None
Division AEP - Ohio
Equipment Location Canton Records Center - Canton , OH


Asset ID 16K-195
Condition Code Used

Eleven (11) dry-type transformers.

Transformers will be sold as one Lot to one buyer.

Eight (8) General Electric transformers:
six (6) 30 KVA
Primary Volts: 480
Secondary Volts: 208

one (1) 15 KVA
Primary Volts: 480
Secondary Volts: 208

one (1) 1 KVA
Primary Volts: 240/480
Secondary Volts: 120/240

Three (3) ACME transformers
one (1) 30 KVA
Primary Volts: 480
Secondary Volts: 208

one (1) 2 KVA
Primary Volts: 120x240
Secondary Volts: 16x32

one (1) 15 KVA
Primary Volts: 240x480
Secondary Volts: 120/240 1Phase

No other information is known about these transformers.

Concerns: It is believed that the transformers are still in working condition.

Known Concerns: Listed concerns are what have been observed by the facility selling the item and have not been validated by a technician. Areas not listed as known concerns or None, do not imply any warranty as to life or condition and only imply that a concern was not noticed by the facility users.

Transformers are located in Canton, Ohio and are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS".

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