Exciter: Motor Driven Main Exciter 200KW (SOLD)

Item ID 487
Category Motors & Reducers
Serial Number 1-5328-61207-2-1
Asset ID 09H-261
Manufacturer Allis-Chalmers
Condition Code Used
Weight 12000.000 lbs
Quantity 0
Division AEP - SWEPCO
Equipment Location KNOX LEE POWER PLANT - Longview , TX
RPM 300
Type/Size 200 KW
Manufacture Year 1950
MAOP 1170
Dimensions 5 ft tall, 3 ft wide, 12 ft long
Volts 250 VDC
HZ 60
Amps 800
Phase 3
Capacity 250 Volts @ 800 Amps
Decommisioning Date 10/14/2009
Condition Code Used
Short Equipment/Material Description Allis-Chalmers Motor Driven Main Exciter 200KW


~~ Motor Driven Main Exciter 200KW~~

Manufacturer: Allis-Chalmers
SN: 1-5328-61207-2-1
Model Year: 1950
Size: 200 KW, 800 AMP motor driven main exciter
Drive Motor: 300 HP, 69.5 AMP 2300 Volt motor
Exciter: 5 KW, 250 Volt, 20 AMP Pilot Exciter
Total Wt.: 12000 lbs
Main Exciter Wt.: 6400 lbs
Motor Wt.:  3900 lbs
Pilot Exciter Wt. 400 lbs
Skid Base Wt.: 1100 lbs
Coupling Wt.:  200 lbs

Description:  This unit served as a back system for three 30 MW Westinghouse generators and one 80 MW GE generator.  This unit has been in standby since it's installation somewhere around 1950 and has very few hours on it.

Qty: 1

Condition: Used

Conditions for sale of AEP Surplus Equipmentl:

~ All material is sold AS IS WHERE IS.  No waranty given or implied.
~ Inspections must be scheduled in advance.
~ Buyer will be required to pay state sales taxes unless valid tax exemption is provided.
~ After payment clears, Buyer can be arranged for pick up.
~ The Seller will unhook all wiring and can load it on a flat-bed truck with the turbine bridge crane.  The site has no way to safely load it in a closed trailer.
~ Buyer will be responsible for securing the load and transporting from plant location.

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