WJ Pro meterbase (SOLD)

Item ID 66
Category Office Equipment
Model Number WJ Pro
Asset ID 09K-013
Manufacturer Hasler
Condition Code Excellent used condition
UOM Each
Quantity 0
Division AEP - Ohio
Equipment Location CANTON COMPUTER CENTER - Canton, Ohio
Condition Code Excellent used condition
Short Equipment/Material Description Hasler meterbase

Hasler WJ Pro meterbase.

The meterbase is one year old.

The meterbase has been maintained with an on-site service contract with Bowe Bell & Howell.

Due to a change in AEP's mailing system the meterbase is no longer needed.

A meterbase module/ meter delivery system, which accommodates the Hasler meterbase, is listed for sale under Asset ID 09K-014.

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