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Details Bid History
Item: Misc Valves Lot 2
Auction ID: 8467
Status: Closed
Started: 1/28/2019 2:29 PM EST
Minimum Bid:$0.27
Minimum Bid Increment: $0.01
Require Registration? Yes
Type: Standard (PQT)
Ended: 2/13/2019 1:00 PM EST
Quantity: 1
UOM: Lot
Manufacturer: None
Division: AEP - Appalachian
Equipment Location: CLINCH RIVER - CLEVELAND , VA
Automatic Time Extension: Time will extend if certain bidding activity occurs near End Time. Limited number of available extensions.
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Valves Misc Lot 2
See Attachment for Catalog Description, Catalog Number, Quantities, Unit Pricing for Each Valve Type
Estimated Retail Value of the Lot is approximately $22,832.70
Weight for Prepayment: 1000 lbs  (actual weight unknown at this time)
Quantity:  1 lot  (includes items listed in the attachment)
Location:  This item is located near Cleveland, VA
Condition: Unused
Description:  The miscellaneous valves are being offered on a price per pound for all the valves in the lot. The actual weight of the valves lot will be determined when the valves are removed from inventory and weighed as a Lot including any packaging and weight of pallet(s).  The plants scales will be used to determine weight.  Payment prior to determining actual weight will be determined by high bid price per pound times the Weight for Prepayment (1000 lbs).  The Buyer will be required to make payment before actual weight is known using the Weight for Prepayment (1000 lbs).  After the actual weight is determined an adjustment will be made either a refund to the Buyer or an Invoice for additional payment to the Seller.
Example:  High bid was $0.15 for one pound.  The actual weight was determined to be 400 lbs.
Up Front Payment would be  $.15 X 500 lbs = $75 plus any applicable sales tax
Refund to Buyer after items are picked up  Weight for Prepayment 500 lbs - Actual Weight 400 lbs = 100 lbs under;  100 lbs X $0.15 =$15.00 plus sales tax paid REFUNDED to Buyer.
The quantities listed on the attachment have not been validated but are expected to be very close to the quantities available.  In the event that the actual quantity is changed the actual weight will account for any quantity change and there will be no adjustment to the unit price.
Known Concerns: See Description for concerns.  (Listed concerns are what have been observed by the business unit selling the item and have not been validated by a technician.  Areas not listed as known concerns or None do not imply any warranty as to life or condition and only imply that a concern was not noticed by the previous user.  This item is being sold AS IS WHERE IS in its existing condition.) 
Conditions for sale of AEP Surplus Equipment / Material:
~ All Items are sold AS IS WHERE IS.  No warranty given or implied.
~ Inspections are on the potential Buyers time and expense and must be scheduled in advance.
~ Test operation of the item will not be permitted.
~ Buyer will be required to sign a Bill of Sale and pay any applicable taxes.
~ After payment clears, the Buyer can arrange for pick up.
~ Seller will assist with loading with a fork truck.  
~ Buyer must present a copy of the pickup release at the time of pickup.
~ Buyer shall have appropriate hauling equipment for the item(s) being picked up.
~ Buyer is responsible for positioning and securing the item(s) on the transport vehicle.
~ If applicable AEP branding decals will be removed prior to the sale.
Product Attachment Documents:
Attachment 1
Asset ID: 19P-041
UOM: Lot
Condition Code: Inventory Spare
Weight: 0.000 lb



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