Large Conex Temporary Office Structure
Asset ID: 19D-151
Manufacturer: DROP BOX
Model: 8.0psi. @ 200 MSEC BLAST MULTI-BOX - 36' X 40' X 1
Serial: N/A
Manufacturer: DROP BOX
UOM: Lot
Condition Code: Used
Short Equipment/Material Description: Large Conex Temporary Office Structure
Long Equipment/Material Description:
Large Conex Temporary Structure
Manufacturer: DROP BOX
Model: 8.0psi. @ 200 MSEC BLAST MULTI-BOX - 36' X 40' X 18'
Serial: N/A
Year: 2016
Quantity: 1 set of 6 
Size: 1 set of 6 Multi-Box offices assembled 24'6" x 40 x 19'1"
Weight: 6 components. Heaviest is approximately 13,000 lbs  
Other: Set of 6 may be broken down into 2 sets of three creating 2 single story buildings. Electrical distribution boxes and AC/heat included. 
Qty: 1 Lot 
Location:  This item is located in Bridgman, MI
Condition: Very Good
Last used: November 2019
Working condition: Yes
Description: Seals will need to be purchased to re-assemble the product. Shipping will require building preparation and sealing.
Q: The pictures show the building stacked, are the stairs and deck included?
A: No , there are no materials provided that would allow access to an upper story. We had them arranged this way to reduce the footprint of the building. However, the building can be arranged in 2 groups of 3 containers creating two single story buildings.  Set 1 is an open area ideal for a crew break,  equipment staging area or tool room. However, the size of the doors may be a limitation for staging equipment. Set 2 is ideal to be used for an office. It is essentially a “U” shaped space with a segregated office in the middle. If the building are broken up into 2 sets of 3, some rearranging of the electrical supply may be required. Each set of 3 would have independent AC and heat. 
Q: What is the present condition? 
A: The building are presently clean and rodent free. There are lights and multiple electrical outlets. We are moving the buildings to an area where a standard flatbed can access them. They will be assembled in single story fashion (2 sets of 3) with gaskets installed and base heat applied to prevent condensation through this winter.
Q: Can the building be forked on and off a truck?
A: Yes, using a large fork truck capable of moving a seavan.  
Q: How much will it cost potential buyers to reassemble? 
A: If the buildings are not stacked and they are assembled on a level site. New gaskets would be about $2000 and labor is estimated to be about $5000. 
Q: Is there a title or anything like it that goes with the building?
A: Not that we are aware of.
Q: Can these be shipped overland with no odd permits? 
A: Yes, they will fit on a regular flatbed.
Q: What type of power supply do these require?
A: See attached electrical drawing.  
Known Concerns: See Description for concerns.  (Listed concerns are what have been observed by the business unit selling the item and have not been validated by a technician.  Areas not listed as known concerns or None do not imply any warranty as to life or condition and only imply that a concern was not noticed by the previous user.  This item is being sold AS IS WHERE IS in its existing condition.) 
Conditions for sale of AEP Surplus Equipment / Material:
~ All Items are sold AS IS WHERE IS.  No warranty given or implied.
~ Inspections are on the potential buyers time and expense and must be scheduled in advance.
~ Test operation of the item will not be permitted.
~ Buyer will be required to sign a Bill of Sale and pay any applicable taxes.
~ After payment clears,  the buyer can arrange for pick up.
~ Buyer must present a copy of the pickup release at the time of pickup.
~ Buyer shall have appropriate hauling equipment for the item(s) being picked up.
~ Buyer is responsible for positioning  and securing the item(s) on the transport vehicle.
~ If applicable AEP branding decals will be removed prior to the sale.
Model Number 8.0psi. @ 200 MSEC BLAST MULTI-BOX - 36' X 40' X 1
Serial Number N/A
Asset ID 19D-151
Manufacturer DROP BOX
Condition Code Used


Electrical Drawings from Drop Box1.PDF   Mechanical Drawings from Drop Box.pdf  

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